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Eguchi Method Perfect Pitch Program

Developed by Japanese master pedagogue, Kazuko Eguchi, the Eguchi Method has proven that anyone under the age of six can acquire perfect pitch. To this date, more than 20000 children have acquired the perfect pitch through the method.

This method was first introduced in the U.S. at the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy, held in Chicago in July and August 2009, by faculty of Ichionkai: Ayako Eguchi, Ph.D (Ochanomizu University, Tokyo Japan) and Tomoko Kanamaru,
DMA (currently also teaches at The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ). This workshop offered an oppotunity to become familier with this unique training, and was accepted with a great interest from an audience.

Please do not hesitate email us for more detail about the online training, anything besides written below! Thank you.

Contact Email: 1000@ichionkai.co.jp

※ It is so sorry that an online system for absolute pitch “Dr. P” works in Japanese. English version is in preparation.

What is Perfect Pitch?


Perfect Pitch is the ability that a person can identify tones as a pitch name without any reference or external standard.
In the Eguchi Method, we use the single-note labeling test (presented below) to recognize if a person has the perfect pitch ability.
We consider him/her having perfect pitch by answering all the questions correct.
In the test, he/she names (labels) several single pitches without any standard tone given.
He/she is not allowed to realize if the answer is right or false until she/he finishes all the questions.

What advantages come with Perfect Pitch?


You can identify the tone as a pitch only by hearing it, without any reference.
In other words, perfect pitch gives you the ability to image the right pitch without any instruments or tuners.
This gives you an easier time to playing the music by ear, and writing the music onto the score.
In addition, you will be able to memorize the music in pitches as well as you can obtain the stronger image for tones.
This ability can preserve your memory fresh for a long term. All musicians will appreciate how it is useful to have perfect pitch for many kinds of musical activity, such as singing and composing.

So everything depends on perfect pitch?


Obtaining perfect pitch is not a goal for the overall musical skill.
It is rather a tool to develop the musical sense and makes the further musical development smoother.
In Eguchi method, we do not consider the perfect pitch as a goal for children, but recognize it as one of the general musical abilities.

As talked about in 「What advantages can you have with Perfect Pitch?」, the student with perfect pitch can participate the music only by "ear" - their internal perception.
This allows them to have quicker and easier time for playing, singing and composing.
In many cases, these students even become more careful and sensitive for sound. We believe that this skill encourages their musical independency for their further musical studying.

Perfect pitch is not a special ability for only a few people naturally given it. For anybody, it can be achieved under the proper training environment, at the certain stage of children's development. Not only for professionals, but also for anybody who love music, perfect pitch will be a useful skill to enjoy the music.

What kind of training process?


The main procedure of Eguchi Method Perfect Pitch Training System is listening to the chords and labeling them in "color" but not an actual pitch name. Each chord is applied different colors. Children do not perceive the chords as pitch names at first, but identify as a "color" image.

The internet lessons are easily accessible and will cause no difficulty for children. Access to our Perfect Pitch Training System website, and type password. Then start training! It requires no complicated process, but simply clicking the answers. The result needs to be sent to us, and we will give a feedback for each lesson.

Under what condition, can children have the training?


Children age under 6 (depending on individuals - please ask us the detail)
Children who are able to do training everyday, at least 5 times in a day
Children who DO NOT have too much musical experience so far (also would be different depending on individuals ? ask us the detail)
Computer with Internet connection:

Available OS: Windows 98, 98SE, me, 2000, XP, Vista, Mac OS X
High-Speed internet connection recommended
Newest Version of Flash Player
Headphones or External speaker

Under what condition, can children have the training?


Since 1960s, one of the leading Japanese music pedagogues, Kazuko Eguchi, has started employing the perfect pitch training in her piano teaching.

The procedure was presented in public at the International Music Psychology Seminar in Czech Republic in 1981, for the first time. In the following year, Japanese academic journal "Music Pedagogy Studying" had featured about Eguchi's perfect pitch training. In 1991, a book about know-how of perfect pitch training had been published: "Tones flying to you like a rocket" by Niki-Publishing in Japan (current version: "New Perfect Pitch Program" by Zen-on Publishing). Later, Ayako Eguchi, psychologist, had started to systematize the perfect pitch training through a point of view as a psychologist.
She introduced and discussed about the method three times in the academic journal "educational psychology study", and five times at international conference (ICMPC). In 1999, the effectivity of Perfect Pitch Program is proved and accepted as a result of her Ph.D dissertation at Tokyo University.
By 2002, Kazuko and Ayako Eguchi had published four books about Eguchi method Perfect Pitch Training System (all in Japanese).
The training method has been frequently introduced in the newspaper and media, and widely accepted in Japan.
Also in 2009 July, it has been introduced in Washington Post for the first time in United States.

At Ichionkai Music School, we are currently teaching about 1500 students.
All of them either acquired the perfect pitch by this training system or continuing training currently.
Also other 500 students participate the training through the Internet perfect pitch program.
So far, there a re total 20000 students who acquired the perfect pitch through the Eguchi Method Perfect Pitch Training System.